Customer Complaints Policy


In the event of customer complaints being received, the causes need to be reviewed to prevent recurrence, wherever possible.


Transform will have documented procedures to address any customer complaints or appeals. These detailed procedures should be followed in the event of a complaint or appeal being submitted. The existence and general content of these procedures should be brought to the attention of customers. A copy of this Policy and the Procedures should also be provided to any customer that requests a copy.


It is the responsibility of the following personnel to ensure that complaints and/or non-conformances are identified and corrected, the root causes are addressed and the necessary records are updated and maintained.

  • Customer Support Team

  • Head of Improvements

  • Product Manager

  • Chief Operations Officer

General Policy

In all cases the customers issues and complaints will be taken seriously. 

When a complaint is raised the customer will be given the opportunity of having it discussed openly or dealt with privately. When dealing with a complaint (either informally or formally) the complainant is to be encouraged to talk fully, without interruption, until he/she has no more to say. The person dealing with the complaint will then try to establish objectively and factually the key issue of the complaint. If another individual(s) is involved they will be consulted, separately at first, and then jointly to establish their views of the case. Agreement will be sought upon the key issue(s).

The complainant will then be asked what outcome they desire.  The person dealing with the complaint will then identify a number of options that might meet, or go some way to meeting the desired outcome, taking into account:

  • The needs of other (effected) customers

  • The needs of our employees

  • What has been promised (if there is a cost or time factor)

  • Ethical and legal factors

Because we do not want dissatisfied customers affecting the morale of others, as far as is practical, we will attempt to resolve the complaint on the spot or as soon as possible thereafter. The investigation required to support the exploration for formal complaints will result in a written response, hopefully within 7 days wherever possible.

Customer Complaints Procedure


Any person or organisation wishing to make a complaint can do so by following this procedure, which is available on request either via email, postal mail or by telephone.

Any complaint that is received and upheld that is in breach of a SLA must be registered as a non-conformance and processed accordingly.

Complaint Process

Stage 1

Complaints must be made in writing and addressed to Head of Improvements, clearly stating why the complaint is being made.

The Head of Improvements must review the complaint and pass forward onto the relevant divisional manager to review, response & action.

Stage 2

Once the complaint has been received, the manager will investigate the issues raised and make contact with the complainant within 5 days either by responding in writing or in some cases agreeing a time and date to speak and / or meet with the complainant to discuss and, wherever possible, resolve the complaint.

Stage 3

Should the complaint not be resolved at stage 2 the relevant manager will convene a complaints panel to review the complaint within 10 working days of the stage 2 response.

The complaints panel will fully investigate the complaint and any decision made will be communicated to all interested parties within 10 working days of the meeting.

 A manager will be designated to contact the complainant within 10 working days of the meeting to communicate the outcome.

Stage 4

If the complainant remains dissatisfied they may escalate their complaint.

The complainant has the option of escalating their complaint to the relevant divisional Director.

Following Director investigation any decision is final.